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Local, seasonal,
made from scratch

At The Oakley Arms we pride ourselves on delivering a unique and memorable dining experience. Here are our rules to dine by:

1 Delicious, fresh food

Made from scratch, cooked fresh for your order. Good things are worth the wait.

Season led

The seasons produce ingredients with the fullest flavours and this is the start of every dish on our menu.


Nose to tail

We source meat from local farms and use the entire beast. Often butchered down in house too.

As local as possible

We work with like-minded local suppliers, often meaning we're able to pin point the carrot on your plate down to the patch it was grown.

Forward thinking fish

We only buy fish from fishermen committed to sustainable farming. Our supplier is also part of the Fishing For Litter Scheme.


Ever changing,
with love

Our seasonal menus change daily, before every service. Take a look over some sample menus here. If you would like to view a copy of our most up to date menu please contact us directly.

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